New Help From Tide For Smelly Workout Clothes

Exercising is important for your good health. But let’s face it — there’s really nothing quite as smelly as used workout clothes balled up inside your gym bag at the end of the day. Unless, maybe, it’s my husband’s used workout clothes. He has a gym at work and runs on a treadmill during his lunch break. Soaking wet and not-so-sweet smelly workout clothes then go into a bag inside his gym bag that I remove each evening, holding the bag at with my arm outstretched and breath held as I dash to the washing machine.

So when I saw an email from Tide that promised “no more smelly workout clothes,” I was excited to try their new products. So few days ago, I sent my husband to work with a Tide Odor-Absorbing Sports Laundry Bag that looks just like a thin pack you can wear on your back. When he returned home, I excitedly asked if he’d found time to work out and delved with enthusiasm into the gym bag. This time, I not only removed the bag of used workout clothes without my usual odor-complaining drama, I even sniffed the outside of the bag. Sure enough — nothing. Amazing.

Next, I tossed the workout clothes and wet-dog towels from my dogs’ morning baths that had been sitting in a laundry basket all day gathering extra smells into the washer. I added my usual detergent and a cap full of Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator solution. When the clothes came out of the dryer they smelled like, well, clean clothes instead of doggie towels and well worn workout gear.

And just think, when you try these out, you’ll have to see if they’re really strong enough for your smelliest smells, which will get you working out and sweating harder than ever to a good test. Great workout minus the residual smells your coworkers might not appreciate rising from your desk the rest of the afternoon — priceless!

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