Exercise and Still Look Great with Save-Your-Do Gym Wrap

Finding time to schedule in exercise can be tricky and unfortunately a common excuse for why we don’t exercise regularly. Have you ever used the excuse, “I would’ve worked out today, but I’d already done my hair and don’t have time to style it again.” Well, now you can throw that excuse out the window. There’s a new head wrap for working out called the Save Your Do Gymwrap that’s designed to hold your hair flat and in place while you work out. So, if you’re like me, and that smooth coif you achieved in the morning with blowdrying turns into a frizzy fro once some moisture and movement get to your head, you’ll appreciate being able to workout, wash up afterward, and still have great looking hair.

I decided to compare the Save Your Do with the more traditional terry cloth headband to see which was really better and the Save Your Do got the definite heads up:

    - The smooth Save Your Do wrap is comfortable around your head and doesn’t squeeze like the regular headband.
    - The Save Your Do does a great job absorbing sweat from your head and forehead.
    - Despite being wider than a headband, the Save Your Do was also cooler. The manufacturer says the wicking material pulls away moisture and heat and that seemed to be correct.
    - When you take off the Save Your Do, not only does your hair look like it did when your workout started, but you’re minus the telltale headband dent across the forehead that can make exercising right before work or during the workday awkward.

In our house, even my husband was impressed by the Save Your Do. Although his hair’s too short to worry about keeping stylish with exercise, this cooler band that doesn’t leave dents in his forehead resulted in him replacing the terry headband that usually sits in his gym bag with the Save Your Do wrap.

And when you order your own gymwrap, remember 10% of the proceeds from each sale are donated to help people with spina bifida.

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