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Enjoying a Healthy Hummus Breakfast

This morning, I was looking for something to spread on my homemade multigrain sourdough toast. I like the protein but not all the fat in peanut butter or cheeses. This morning, the choice was easy — flavored hummus. Hummus is [...]

Molly Mutt holiday 2013 gift set

Buy A Cool Tote Bag & Bed For Your Pup And Help A Wounded Veteran Get a Service Dog

Our good friends from molly mutt make high quality dog dog bed duvets, crate covers, totes, and more that bring function, design, and style together. These are a must-have for any dog or dog lover. As you know, my dog [...]


Hytail Hat — Finally A Cap For Girls

We just talked about how skin cancer is the number one cancer. An article in the journal Seminars in Oncology highlighted important steps for reducing skin cancer risk, including wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. I confess — I’m not a [...]

After biking in blazing sun day after day, the only thing pink on me is my biking outfit.

Love Your Skin All Year Round

The most common cancer in the US is skin cancer. Many people don’t think skin cancer is very serious. Over one year, however, over 9000 people died from the skin cancer melanoma. And you don’t have to live in a [...]


BeFit Go 10-Minute Butt & Tummy Workout

As you know, I appreciate the BeFit Go exercise program — they offer great workouts that are easy to follow and require minimal equipment. Their 10-minute workouts are perfect for those of us who insist we don’t have time to [...]

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